1. Executive Screening

Executive Screening

Just as potential executives merit special treatment when it comes to compensation, they require unique handling when it comes to background screening. Therefore, the HireRight family has developed specialized packages of services tailored especially for executives and other candidates slated for high-profile or high-risk positions. These positions can include executives, board members, media liaisons and entertainment talent.

A powerful tool in the assessment of a candidate’s character and integrity, each report is managed from start to finish by an experienced analyst. The analyst utilizes a wide range of trusted sources to uncover information that could potentially affect recommendation, placement or hiring decisions.

Our services provide a thorough look into crucial factors of the histories of these candidates. Extensive public record research and credential verification provide a thorough analysis of a candidate’s background, highlighting such current and potential liabilities:

  • Criminal records
  • Overstatement of qualifications
  • Negative media profile

Furthermore, as more executives live, study, and work abroad, it has become increasingly important that screening providers are able to procure background information from around the world. Our network of global offices, extensive language fluency and deep global capabilities allow us to provide crucial information that many others simply cannot.

Executive Exclusivity

We typically establish a separate account dedicated to your executive-level and/or critical employee candidates – meaning that only select members of your staff can access this sensitive information. We respect the need for confidentiality, especially that surrounding such high-level positions.

Tailored Packages

We offer various price points for our executive screening services. We will work with you to customize a screening program that meets your specific needs.