U.S. Federal & State Laws

In addition to facilitating our compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all state record reporting laws, the team of in-house attorneys at the HireRight family of companies, which includes Kroll Background America, Inc. (KBA) create resources to help clients understand and fully comply with the numerous federal and state laws governing use of background screening reports. Whether it is obtaining proper authorization for background checks, state employment law requirements on use of criminal, credit, and other records, or the required process for not hiring or taking other adverse action based on the results of a background report, our compliance tools will help you better understand the screening process.

Compliance resources available to clients include:

  • Regular legislative alerts to help you stay on top of changing laws and regulations
  • Summaries of the FCRA requirements applying to employers and other users of background reports
  • Concise state-by-state summaries of state employment laws regarding what criminal history information employers may ask about in their applications and what information from background reports they are allowed to consider in hiring decisions
  • EEOC guidance on issues such as use of arrests and other criminal history information in employment decisions
  • E-Verify laws and executive orders requiring use of electronic employment authorization verification
  • Industry-specific materials such as DOT screening requirements, state-by-state screening requirements for health facilities, and FDIC screening requirements for financial institutions