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Identity Fraud Solutions

Kroll's proven ability to detect potential risks such as fraudulent resumes, concealed criminal convictions, past employment problems, and the like served to launch our Fraud Solutions practice in 1999. Our comprehensive, integrated approach addresses each phase of data breach and identity theft detection and mitigation – from pre-breach preparedness, risk assessment and planning, to post-event customer communication, investigation and resolution.

Kroll's Fraud Solutions helps reduce the impact of, and hasten recovery from, the damage caused by an unintentional data loss. We create efficient communication programs and minimize the use of internal resources. Kroll recommends and implements solutions to help significantly reduce the likelihood of a future breach. In the process, organizations can address stakeholder concerns, assuring that they are informed and prepared. Learn more about ID theft and the solutions available to public and private organizations alike at Kroll's Fraud Solutions website, www.krollfraudsolutions.com.

The Kroll Value

Licensed Investigators – Kroll is the only data security and breach recovery solution provider to employ licensed investigators with thousands of hours of experience and the hands-on understanding required to methodically restore an individual's identity to pre-theft status.

Full-Service Restoration, Period – Our investigation and restoration process leads the industry in terms of its depth of involvement and dedication to complete resolution. All customers or members of a Kroll client have access to Kroll's Licensed Investigators for help with questions and concerns. And for those individuals who find that their identity has been compromised and their name and personal worth need to be restored:

Kroll investigators will do the bulk of the work for the fraud victim. Not as a 'counselor' ... not alongside ... not in conjunction with ... but on behalf of the customer.

Innovation – Kroll works with global experts in data security, breach prevention, and organizational recovery who are constantly monitoring criminal activity and systems response to enable clients to defend against evolving security breach methods.

Differentiation, Retention, Trust – In a market overflowing with products that focus on credit and promote self-help, organizations that partner with Kroll distinguish themselves by providing a reliable, comprehensive, integrated program from a global security and risk solutions leader. Whether this benefit is provided by institutions for their customers, bought by participating employees, or offered as an affinity membership benefit, it helps separate Kroll clients from their competition, establish trust, and extend consumer relationships.

Kroll makes available its identity theft and restoration services through three primary channels:

Institutional Programs
Kroll's institutional programs are available to any public or private organization, entity or group that maintains sensitive personal information about its customers, employees, donors, volunteers, students, or members — information that could be stolen and used for fraudulent purposes.

Affinity Programs
Consumers may gain access to Kroll's monitoring, investigation, and restoration services through their affiliation with professional and trade associations, non-profits, lifestyle organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other membership groups that market ID TheftSmart™ by Kroll or a private label program through existing sales channels.

Employee Benefit Programs
Organizations may offer Kroll's ID TheftSmart as an optional employee benefit; those who opt to participate pay for the program via payroll deduction. This comprehensive, effective solution shifts the responsibility of identity theft investigation and resolution to the experts at Kroll, rather than saddle the employee with a process that may cause a financial burden and reduce productivity until the problem is resolved.